Patent-Free Zone

For Entrepreneurs

Imagine that you're a small business owner in Ghana who makes water filters for local use. People like your product, and it works well. But after a big storm, surface water is much dirtier than usual, and it clogs filters immediately. Worse, you learn that the water has pollutants that your filter can’t remove, such as arsenic. What are you to do?

You could just start experimenting at random, trying anything you can think of to improve your filter. But you probably don't have time to try out many ideas, and your customers may become impatient for a fix. They could stop using your filter or switch to a competitor’s.

You need a reliable answer that you can use now.

It probably exists already. In many cases, someone has invented a solution for your problem and patented it in the United States. You can use it for free... if you can find it.

The key is your location: Ghana is one area in the Patent Free Zone, and practically no one files patents there. That's good for you if you are an entrepreneur in Ghana, because if they did, you probably couldn't afford to use their ideas. You'd have to pay for them. Instead, you can use any ideas behind patented technology for free, right now.

Patent domain mapping will connect you to your answer.

In the Patent Free Zone, entrepreneurs can:

• Use technology behind internationally-known brands for free
• Give your customers and investors peace of mind with proven solutions
• Find a solution that works without wasting time on what doesn’t
• Respond quickly to changes in your market with new products or refinements
• Expand your offerings with minimal delay